Add Closes # on Your Pull Request
OpenQ is unopinionated about how your work on your project! With one exception - how you close your GitHub Issues.

Add a closer comment (like Closes #123) to your pull request referencing the Github Issue you are working to complete.
This links your pull request to the contracted Github Issue.
You can add the closer comment to the pull request's BODY or in a COMMENT on the pull request
This is how ya do it
Once the linked pull request is merged, Github may or may not close the issue automatically. This depends on whether or not the merge was targeted at the default branch.
No matter - as long as the correct Closes comment is present on your merged pull request, you will be eligible to withdraw on OpenQ
Be vigilant of rogue closer comments on your pull requests before merging! Sneaky lazy people may try to link issues they DID NOT COMPLETE just so they can claim the funds!
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Add a "Closes #" Comment to Your Pull Request