From the contract's escrow to the contributor's wallet, seconds after merge
Finally, what will soon become your favorite thing - claiming a contract's escrow.
  • Go to the contract you completed with your pull request
  • Connect your wallet with the Polygon account you'd like the funds sent to
  • Click "Claim"
Once the transaction is confirmed on Polygon, the funds will appear in your wallet.
Happy devving!
"But wait, can't a project maintainer always just merge their own Closes ## Issue and empty the bounty to themselves?" Indeed they can. This would of course be wildly exploitative, and deserving of community-wide reprimand. Luckily for us, GitHub is built to provide an inerasable history of Discussion and collaboration - with Discussions still retrievable as evidence of wrongdoing even after they are deleted. That's why we are building out a reputation system for contributors to review the organizations they work with, and working on establishing a Kleros court to mediate complaints. In the meantime, we must rely on the standards of etiquette and human decency to prevent such malpractice.
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