Fund Bounty
Fund the bounty smart contract with any ERC20 (governance tokens!), protocol tokens (MATIC), and soon...NFTs!

Permissionless Bounty Funding

Funding a bounty on OpenQ, like minting a bounty on OpenQ, is also dead simple.
The same processes we're all familiar with, now for funding software development.
Because we are permissionless, anyone can fund your bounty, not just your organization.

Verifying Bounty Funding

Since each bounty corresponds to one smart contract, potential contributors can always verify a bounty's funding amount on a block explorer, like polygonscan.
So when in doubt, just check it out! The beauty of blockchain meets software development funding.

Refunding a Deposit

For the alpha release, deposits are timelocked for 30 days after submission. This, like a centralized bank escrow on existing platforms like Upwork, is to reduce the contributor's counterparty risk to inability to pay. The money is in escrow before you begin coding! After the timelock , you can go do the Bounty Details page like above, and click "Refund" on the deposit you would like refunded.