Oh Hi There

Fund Contract. Get Devs. Close Issues. Get Paid.
Say hello to OpenQ, your new best friend for collaborating with talented devs.
OpenQ is a Github-integrated, crypto-native and all-around-automated marketplace for software engineers.
OpenQ's raison d'être is simple: We provide DAOs, open source projects, and anyone with a codebase with the world's most intuitive Web3-powered toolkit for discovering, managing, and incentivizing software engineers, anywhere on planet Earth 🌎.


OpenQ works where you work - on GitHub.
Thanks to OpenQ's Github integration, OpenQ can detect when work is completed in a merged pull request, who completed that work, and how much should be distributed to them from your contract's escrowed funds.

Crypto-native 🪙

OpenQ operates on Polygon.
This means your team can compensate devs in many crypto denominations, including MATIC, ERC20 tokens, or even NFTs.
All for near-negligible transaction fees.

All-Around-Automated 🤖

From token streaming for hourly contracts, to refunding deposits on expired contracts, to accounting and taxation - OpenQ is here to be your operations and HR partner in a box.


Continue on to summon a whole world of new talent 🧙‍♂️.