The Hackathon Launchpad: How to Mint a Contest Contract

Mint a new contest contract directly from your repository with one click
Our contests are directly connected to your Github repo. You can find an example in our own repo where we have explained the rules (feel free to fork it and start from there): We have also created a template for the contest issue when you fork our repo, you can start here directly and add the important information for your participants.
An example contest can be found here in our issues:
Please note, while we have not designed our hackathon to directly require the use of our technology, you can design it however you like. The sky is the limit. Once you have created your repo and filled in the issue with information about your contest, all you have to do is to mint it via OpenQ and then top up the escrow for the rewards.
Note that there are two types of contest contracts you can mint:
  1. 1.
    Contest Contracts
    Winners of the contest will be distributed a preset percentage allocation of all the funds you will have escrowed on the contract.
    You only need to set those % per winner and escrow funds on the contract.
  2. 2.
    Fixed Contest Contracts
    Winners of the contest will be distributed a preset amount of tokens (also taken from the funds escrowed on the contract).
    You need to specify those amounts per winner and make sure you escrow enough funds on the contract to cover the distribution of all prizes.
Minting a contest contract from a GitHub Issue is simple.
  • Connect Wallet to Polygon Mainnet
  • Copy Issue URL from GitHub
  • Click on the New Contract button
  • Choose between Contest Contract (% allocation of the prize per winner) and Fixed Contest Contract (fixed prizes for each winner)
  • Pop the Github Issue URL into the Deploy (Fixed) Contest Contract pop-up
  • Add an optional Budget, if you know what the funding goal is for the contest.
You DO NOT have to fund the full Budget when minting.
Budget is a strong signal to potential competition participants as to the amount of tokens you will escrow before the competition begins.
  • Define how many Tiers this contest will have
  • Set the prizes:
    • For Contest Contracts: Add a percentage payout for each tier
    • For Fixed Contest Contracts: Add a specific amount of tokens for each tier
The total percentage payout must add up to 100 for Contest Contracts.
  • Mint and voilà!
You can now put the OpenQ link of the minted issue into your GitHub issue and promote the contest via your socials. If you're not already in touch with us, DM us on Discord and we'll share it too :)